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Arduino Sensor Monitor Library

I wrote a small Arduino library to help with monitoring sensors. I used to write a lot of code to keep track of “last reading time”, “last update time”, and calculating differences between millis() and the last saved time… This library takes care of these annoying blocks of code that just makes your project look ugly with very little value added your project.

This library works simple

  • Add the header file to your project
  • Register sensor IDs with the library
  • Implement a method to get a reading from a sensor
  • Implement a method to do something with a sensor reading
  • (optionally) Change the default configuration of the library

The library is available as a Platformio Library as well as on GitHub.

 * Example that uses an analog input as the sensor. But you can implement it
 * any way you like
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <SensorMonitor.h>

// Define 2 sensor ids we'll use
const uint8_t SENSOR1 = 1;
const uint8_t SENSOR2 = 2;

// Define these 2 methods which will be implemented below
float getReading(uint8_t sensorId);
void onUpdate(uint8_t sensorId, float value);

// Create a Sensor Monitor and reference the functions it must use
SensorMonitor sensorMonitor(&getReading, &onUpdate);

void setup(void){
	// Initialize sensor monitor

void loop(void){
	// Call this regularly to keep the timers running

 * The Sensor Monitor will call this method when required
 * to get an update on the reading of the specified sensor.
float getReading(uint8_t sensorId){
	Serial.print(F("Get Reading: Sensor="));Serial.println(sensorId);
	if(sensorId == SENSOR1){
		return analogRead(A1);
	else if(sensorId == SENSOR2){
		return analogRead(A2);
		return -1; // Invalid sensor

 * This Sensor Monitor will call this function when the
 * value changed enough that it should be noted.
 * Here you would typically send the value to a server,
 * or update a display etc.
void onUpdate(uint8_t sensorId, float value){
	Serial.print(F(" , value="));

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