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About me

My interest has always been electronics, software development, and the area where the two meet. I have a Bsc. Computer Science degree from Herriot Watt Univercity (studied through CTI in Durbanville). If been developing with Java for over 10 years. My working experience includes working for a big payment gateway company, and currently for a company that does mainly higher education systems. I came from Somerset-West and currently live in Brackenfell (South Africa)

I am employed as a Senior Developer and the IT Infrastructure Manager.
As most developers should, I try my best to conform to the industry standard way of doing things, but what I like more is teaching other people to achieve the same level of expertise. By writing understandable code (with enough documentation), and explaining design, I hope to help the junior people get up to speed and understand the sometimes complex systems I have to develop.

The IT Infrastructure side of my career gives me my hit of hardware that I enjoy. I really enjoy experimenting with Arduino based microcontroller units. I’m no expert with these MCUs but I like to share the knowledge I’ve gained with the new comers who are also finding their feet in the exciting field of programmable electronics.


On my GitHub space I share some code that I think might be useful for others. I will write posts on this site as tutorials for others to get started and learn how to use arduino MCUs.  The projects on my GitHub are free to share, distribute, modify as you like.