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Read/Write Arduino EEPROM


This tutorial will teach you how to read and write to the Arduino EEPROM. I will provide you with the source code of a simple program that will show the current first 10bytes stored in memory, and prompt you to enter a new 10 character value to be entered in memory. The new value will remain persistent even if you reset or unplug the Arduino and power it back on.


This tutorial assumes you are atleast familiar with reading input from the Serial port

Source Code

The source code for this project is available on my GitHub Repository.

Required Components

For this tutorial you will need nothing more than an Arduino connected with a Serial port. If you are using an Arduino with an USB port, this should be enough.

Running the code

git pull
cd learn-arduino/eeprom-rw
platformio init
platformio run

For more information about this code, see the README in theĀ GitHub Repository.

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