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Uptimerobot, InfluxDB and Grafana

At my company we are using uptimerobot to check the uptime of servers, and Grafana for dashboards for all kinds of other statistics pulled from other monitoring tools. I wanted a way where we can show the uptimerobot stats along with the others on the same grafana dashboard.

I wrote a small nodejs project that uses the UptimeRobot API, and inserts the stats into an InfluxDB database. Grafana is then configured to read this InfluxDB and display the values on a graph.

The project includes a dashboard file you can import to see if you’ve got it all working together, once you got it going, you include the graph on your existing dashboard, or do whatever you want with the data put into your database – you might not even want to use Grafana at all.

Have a look at the github project

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