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FT Mini Arrow (modified)

Improved scratch build plans for a FT Mini Arrow plane.
(Later I will include more photos and maybe an assembly video)

Please note that the modifications I have made has not been tested yet. If you built it please place a comment to let me if it works, or what needs modifications.

Changes from the original include:

  • Bigger fuselage to support 1300MAH batteries
  • Stronger mid section by building the wings as one piece
  • Taken away the weakness of the fuselage mounting holes

Thanks to the guys from Flying ROBOT who did the initials plans, and the upgrade to host a larger battery. Please support them by buying from the store.

Requirements and estimated cost to build:

  • A0 print of the plans (about R40)
  • A0 sized foam board (+-R140 from Deckle Edge)
  • Sharp crafting knife (R30 ?)
  • Hot clue gun and about 1 stick of clue (R1?)
  • Electronics kit (+-R690)
  • 1000 or 1300 mah 3S battery (+-R300)
  • (optional) spray paint

(You can also buy lazer cut foam kits from Flying ROBOT)

The plans

Attached is a PDF you can print at your local print shop. When printing, make sure to tell them to NOT PERFORM ANY SCALING! It should print AS IS (not fit to page!) You don’t need to print in color, just black is perfectly fine.

FT Mini Arrow - A0-Image

Download here

Scratch Building

The printed plan should fit perfectly on your A0 sheet of foam. If it does not (for what ever reason?!) you can cut out the individual pieces and stick them with masking tape to the foam board.
Use the markings on the diagram to see which lines are cuts, scores, cavities and bevels. Open the plan on your computer while you are cutting if unsure, the colors would help you identify what to do

Color codes in plans

  • red – cut
  • green – score
  • yellow – cavity
  • cyan – bevels
  • blue – comments and indicators
  • pink – fold/bend

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