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Connect an Arduino UNO WIFI to your network


In this post I’ll guide you through the steps to get your Arduino UNO Wifi connected to your Wifi. Connecting to your wireless with this board is different than other Arduino  boards with an ESP8266. Most other Arduino boards with a ESP8266 chip is connected via a serial port and you can specify your wireless SSID and Password by sending commands to the ESP chip. The Arduino Uno Wifi board allows you to setup the Wifi connection details from a webpage on the device.

Connect to the Arduino Uno Wifi

  1. Power on the Arduino Uno Wifi.
  2. Use something with a wireless connection like a laptop, computer with wifi or a cellphone and look for a new SSID with a name like Arduino-Uno-Wifi-xxxxxx and connect to it.
  3. Navigate to and you should reach the webpage on the device (if not see troubleshooting below)
  4. Navigate to the WIFI tab on the left
  5. Select your Wireless SSID and Enter the password
  6. Click connect and wait a few seconds
  7. It should now show it is connected and received an IP Address

Disable AP mode on the Arduino Uno Wifi

Once you have your project running, you might want to turn off AP mode of the Arduino Uno Wifi, otherwise anyone can connect to your device and possibly flash other firmware on it – even users not on your network, because you can directly connect to the Arduino using its AP mode.

  1. Go to Wifi Setting on the device (same as steps above)
  2. Make sure you know the IP of your device, or know how to get your hands on it.
  3. Look for the setting that reads “SWITCH TO STA MODE”
  4. Once that is enabled you will no longer be able to connect directly to the device.

Troubleshooting the Arduino Uno Wifi

Cannot find Arduino Uno Wifi SSID

If you can’t find the SSID Arduino-Uno-Wifi-xxxxxx your device probably is not in STA+AP mode. In that case you can disable the Wifi Access point the board was previously configured to connect to (your home or office wifi side of things), restart the board, and wait about 30 seconds then the Arduino Uno Wifi SSID should appear again.

Lost IP address and can’t connect anymore

Easiest way is to disable the access point the device used to connect to and reset the Arduino Uno Wifi. Wait for about 30 seconds, and the AP with SSID  Arduino-Uno-Wifi-xxxxxx will be active again, and you should be able to connect to the device again using Note that the default IP now changed from to (which is probably this bug that is still unresolved)

Cannot connect to Arduino Uno Wifi webpage

  • First determine if you are connecting directly to the board (using the Arduino-Uno-Wifi-xxxxxx) AP from your computer/phone. If that is the case, try either or
  • If your device is connected to your home/office network, you have to use the IP address assigned to the device. You should either have that written down if you configured it statically, or look on your router that does the DHCP on the network to find the IP address that was allocated to the Arduino Uno Wifi
  • In some cases your home/office network might also be using 192.168.240.x or in which case you should pay attention to what networks your computer/phone is connected to, and not get confused when you are connected to the AP of the Arduino Uno Wifi, and when you are connected to your home/office network.
  • Make sure you do not have any other connections on your computer/phone (vpn, multiple network ports connected, etc)
  • If all else fails, let the device reset by following the steps from any of the above 2 to get the Arduino Uno Wifi’s SSID available again.

2 thoughts on “Connect an Arduino UNO WIFI to your network

  • What do you mean reset arduino uno wifi ? Do I need to upload some sketch on it ?

    • Hi, I assume you are referring to the section “Lost IP address and can’t connect anymore”? With “reset” I mean just pressing the reset button on the device.
      Disable the access point you previously configured on the arduino (be it your internet WiFi router, or another WiFi access point you are using). The Arduino will by default start its own internet WiFi Access Point if it cannot connect to the configured Access Point. You’ll be able to detect it with a cellphone, laptop or any computer-like device that has WiFi


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